The Purpose of CANSA

· To build the capacity of the citizens of Cumberland County in education and employment opportunities

· To provide development initiatives for special interest groups, youth, persons with disabilities and African Nova Scotians

· To provide training programs to advance education and employment

· To promote partnership development

· To promote education and awareness

Our Mandate

The Mandate o CANSA is to provide the best service and advice to citizens of Cumberland County. CANSA will advocate on their behalf to ensure they have fair and equitable access to:

· Full and equal employment opportunities

· Programs and services offered through CANSA

· Participate in the decision-making process with respect to issues that affect their community

· Promote an education system that provides quality programs relevant to the history and culture of Cumberland County residents

Our Vision

The vision of CANSA is that all citizens, including persons with disabilities, African Nova Scotians and youth at risk be respected and grow socially, economically and culturally in Cumberland County.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.